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Fri Dec 6 07:59:20 EST 2002

   Good friend of mine works for Team Viper; he's making a pretty good
living but is traveling _all_ the time.  Right now he likes it, but we're
young with small (read: no kids) families.  He's an engineer and is getting
his masters, so education might be one path.  I know there are some schools
(University of Georgia?) that offer motorsports-specific degrees.

   Several years ago I had the chance to speak with Scott Breyton (former
IndyCar guy) about this exact topic.  His advice was to start on a volunteer
basis for a semi-pro or pro team, doing data acquisition/parts
running/breakfast cooking/whatever.  My question was from an engineering
direction, and he allowed that while engineering was beginning to be a part
of the teams' day to day operation, at the time it was more concentrated in
the engine/chassis/suspension suppliers.  Another thing he said was to keep
who you knew to yourself, because "Everybody's been burned a couple
times..." I think he meant that you didn't want the suspicion that you were
really working for someone else as a 'spy'.

  Finally, I'll state the obvious and say 'go where the money is'.  In the
US at least, it's not in rallying.  I hope that changes!  NASCAR is still
growing like crazy, so there may be open positions there...

   Good luck- if you can pull it off you'll be living the dream of many :)


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>Subject: Motorsport work
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>     I guess Messenger is acting up again.  The new system is not working
>well on my machine.
>     Well, I'll update you on my situation first, that may explain my
>question better.  I've been laid off from my last three jobs in
>Manufacturing because of slow downs in the economy.  Metal Fab just isn't
>doing well, no matter what anyone says.  My situation has deteriorated to
>the point that I could no longer maintain my 4000 Quattro and ended up
>giving it away to a fellow Quattro lister who I know has the skill,
>knowledge, talent and most importantly the resources to put it back on the
>road.  I have been spending time with a career counselor and it's obvious
>that I'm nuts about cars and racing and it's likely that it's one of the
>only things I'll be happy at.  He's trying to help me find my direction and
>I thought that maybe someone I know would know more about whether or not
>there's a life for me in racing, or cars, or otherwise.  I'm not looking
>for what's going to get me rich or for someone to hand me a job, I'm just
>asking for help finding direction with a future I can finally settle into.
>I need something I can live with and will pay the bills.
>     This message is being copied off to a couple of people I know who may
>have insight into Motorsports in general, both on and off the Audi Quattro
>list in Rally and GT.
>     My question to you is this:  Is there a living in working motorsports?
>         For the general group, is there anything that a man can do to make
>a living in motorsports?
>         For Mike Veglia, would it be possible to live off of photographing
>races for a living.  Mosport being my home track, and Mid Ohio and Three
>Rivers within a days drive, the ALMS is not out of reach.  Do you have any
>information on working like that?
>         For Roger King, does the Rally Club provide for anyone who has
>dedicated themselves to it, or does everyone volunteer or pay out of pocket
>for their participation?
>         For Dave Hord, and Frank De Kat, I know driving doesn't pay the
>bills, and Vibrant isn't looking for someone with my skills, but you are in
>the middle of the Rally scene.  Maybe you know something that could apply
>to my situation.
>     I appreciate any help in finding my way in this cold (and getting
>colder) cruel world.    ; )
>        Rave Racer
>'89 Jetta 1.8L 16V GTX  gone but not forgotten
>'87 Audi 4000 Quattro Sedan    another victim of time
>'72 Triumph GT6
>'83 Toyota Tercel (yoda) no more

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