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Fri Dec 6 07:44:20 EST 2002

I don't think that is so.  I am still using the original Audi Floormats,
that are basically bolted down.  I will have to double check that one.
Sometimes the simplest answers are the best answers.


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>>> "R Mangas" <porter_dog at> 12/06/02 07:00AM >>>

   I had a similar problem in my car that was eliminated by getting the

floor mat out from behind the pedal.  Duh!  Might not be the case in
sitch but it's worth a look.

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>Subject: Manual Transmission QA
>Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 19:44:28 -0600
>Hi all,
>   In my 87 4KQ, the shifting is starting to get more difficult.  For
>instance now that it is cold, it seems as if when I depress the
>pedal, the clutch doesn't fully disengage.  For instance: If I go
>reverse, then push the clutch in, wait for a few seconds, then remove
>the car from gear, there is a noticeable difference.  When the clutch
>in and the car out of gear, it seems as if the car is more free to
>then with the clutch in and the car in gear.  Now this isn't so bad
>if I sit on a perfectly flat road, clutch pedal down, and in gear,
>It moves.  But it is starting to Grind in the One - Two shift, and
>two-three shift is a bit hard to get into gear.
>   When I shift, I can feel the detents in the trans.  For instance in
>One - Two shift, I can feel what seems to be 3-4 little thumps in the
>gearshift lever.
>   Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this.  I would think
>that if I could make the clutch pedal in the all the way down
>push just a little further, this problem would go away.  I should
>that the previous owner rebuild the slave, and something else related
>the transmission, but not the tranny.
>Any thoughts?
>Cade Carvell
>National Business Systems, Inc.
>2919 West Service Road
>Eagan, MN 55121
>Office: 651-994-4400

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