quattro digest, Vol 1 #4301 - Subie ED vs Q

l.leung at juno.com l.leung at juno.com
Fri Dec 6 14:16:30 EST 2002

No experience with Subie viscous diffy, the Subie was
Dad's, now my beater. It definitely acts like FWD first,
then the rears kick in, sort of two stepping as it
slips. Makes for entertaining (non) power slides,
as it's less predictable. Left foot braking helps
(acts as a sort of LSD from the front to rear axle),
in this mode, more tail happy than my 4KQ which was
SOOOO predictable.

As for pep, the Subie 2.2 16V is rated at 130HP, the
4KQ was rated at 115, and the cars weigh about the
same, so I'd say the Subie has more pep.

The big issue is that the Alpins just don't cut it
in deep fresh snow (compared to even my lowly Pacemarks).
Wasn't sure until trying it again last night.


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