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Ben Swann bswann at
Fri Dec 6 10:24:48 EST 2002

[First, there is a *klunk* that i get in the rear that comes on down shifts
and hard accelerating upshifts, i was wondering if this would be
motor/tranny mounts or are there any mounts on the rear end?]

The rear suspension is quite much like he front only turned backwards - has
same subframe and control arms.  Yes I'm oversimplifying, but there is
interchangeability of many parts.  The most likely culprit are the
transmission mounts.  They are relatively easy to replace.  You may be able
to see if they are bad just by lifting up the transmission and observing
the amount of play - more than 1/8" and they are likely shot.  You don't
see how bad they are until upon removal they come out in two pieces.

Control arm bushings would be next likely culprit.  I try to find a good
used control arm - even one from a fwd like a model 80 will work.  You can
often obtain one with perfectly good bushings for less than it would cost
to have new bushings pressed in, and less down time if you have a
replacement control arm on hand.  A bad one will allow you to move the
control arm side to side when that wheel is off the ground.

Subframe bushings are more difficult to deal with and require removal of
entire subframe to have new bushings pressed in.  Fortunately they last
much longer before needing replacement.  Tie-rod ends/camber links and ball
joints may be declared bad if the boots are damaged, but not usually the
source of clunking.   If they are bad, it is imperative they be replaced,
as they are more likely to result in loss of control rather than annoying

[Second, does anyone know of an adjustable cam sprocket?  i would like to
dial the valve timing in, if advisable.]

Chris Semple of Force 5 Autromotive had Autotech for a good price.  I've
gotten two from him.

[lastly, has anyone had any dealings with Blausport?  good or bad?]  No
dealings wih them, as I can usually find what they handle for half what
they charge.  They have some nice stuff though.

[Thank you all
Jesse Erickson]

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