5-bolt on 4kq

Lines Peter Peterl at Warn.com
Fri Dec 6 07:43:44 EST 2002

I asked this question a while back and someone on the list was kind enough
to send me a detailed reply.  Unfortunatley, I decided not to do the
conversion and I've lost the instructions.  I seem to recall the following
(although my memory is fuzzy, so please verify this info with someone who
For the front you want to get a 5kt strut assembly.  You will use the strut
housing, bearing, 5-bolt hub, and brakes from the 5kt.  You put the original
4kq strut insert and spring on the 5kt strut assy.  Also need the halfshafts
and tranny output flanges from the 5kt.  Put the 5kt CV joints on the 4kq
halfshaft (so the length is right) and put the 5kt flanges on your tranny.
Bolt it all together.  I also seem to remember that there is an outer
steering tie rod end from a 90 involved?
For the rear, you use the 4kq strut assembly, but you press the 5kt wheel
bearing and 5 bolt hub into it.  You use a the 5kt CV joints on the original
4kq halfshaft again to get the length right.  I can't remember if you change
the flanges on the reaf diff.
Again, this is from memory and I've never done it, so use my advice with
Are the listers who have actually done this still out there???

Peter Lines

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