Putting New windows in Drivers Side of 87 4kq

steinbru at vnet.ibm.com steinbru at vnet.ibm.com
Fri Dec 6 10:50:16 EST 2002

Ref:  Your note of Thu, 05 Dec 2002 10:55:36 -0600 (attached)

Cade, going from memory:  Notice how the glass is aligned, and how it
goes up and down --this is how you want the new one to work.  Remove
door skin (screws around perimeter and in the arm rest), lower window
halfway if possible (to access two 10mm bolts holding glass to the
slider on the regulator track), lower completely or just bring the glass
down and out if the regulator track isn't in the way.

I don't recall if needed to get the glass out, but if you have to remove
the regulator, three 10mm holds the motor and three or four more the
track assembly, push and hold the glass up and take the slide/motor
assembly out sideways.  Most motor wiring has a plug inside the footwell
panel, if it's been hacked already you might see a splice made by the
impatient --now's a good time to rework it.  At the same time inspect the
wiring where it passes from the door and through the rubber boot.  R/R
if needed.

Anyway, back to the glas:  at this point the glass should come out the
same way.  Inspect all the guides.  I haven't replaced any, but I've
seen some that were pretty worn out --maybe from mis-adjusted glass.

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