heated steering wheel kaput

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Fri Dec 6 11:29:19 EST 2002

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Even though it sounds stupid (I thought so), we *loved* the heated steering
wheel on our 1999 A8.  When Audi replaced that (lemon) car with a 2000, the
official response for no heated wheel was that they had a LOT of problems
which the manufactuer couldn't solve... and in at least 2 cases in the
northeast, the steering wheel started smoking!  Hardly a good thing on any
car, let alone a $70,000 car.  I understand the new A8 coming out will have
this once again, hopefully with some new technology.  Audi repurchased the
2000 A8 because it too was a lemon.  Too bad, because we really liked the
understated look and AWD.  We then replaced it with a new Lexus LS430
Ultra-Luxury.  Same price range, vastly superior vehicle in all but "at the
limit" driving dynamics, but no Quattro.

Bottom line- only fix is to replace the wheel and *hope* it lasts another
50,000 miles.  If it was me, I'd do it- absolutly loved that feature.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com (2000 S4 is the daily driver)

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