Just thought I'd share...

David Alarie dalarie at uwsa.edu
Fri Dec 6 12:12:37 EST 2002

John Stantoin wrote:

>Sorry to hear of your mishap glad you walked away.  A number of years ago I
>hit a 2ft tall rock on a highway exit ramp with my 83 GTI AKA Nazi go-cart
>(loved that car).
Oh, oh, oh, I loved mine too . . . .

>  Nothing tore off but pushed the right side horn back
>about 4".  The tire was rubbing badly but I was able to pull the fender away
>enough to drive it home, that was my exit how lucky.  Body shop pulled the
>chassis to very near true and I drove it for another couple years.
>good luck,
>P.S. The GTI when out in a blaze in on I 95 after a catastrophic coolant
>leak and subsequent blown piston.  Yah I was sure surprised when I took the
>head off and one of the pistons was completely gone.



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