Oil pressure at port in 10vt head

EBavely veetesse at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 14:18:25 EST 2002

Hello all...  hate to sound like a broken record, but...

Several listers confirmed that there indeed is an unused oil galley plug in
the back (by the wastegate) of the MC-1 turbo head.  Continuing tests, my
original intention was to use this port to check/verify oil pressure at the

I removed the plug in the back of the head (5mm hex) then I installed a
pressure sender from a CGT (it is 10mm by 1.0 BTW) and then started the
engine. ZERO oil pressure at the head.  WTH?  Oil pressure seemed fine on
the gauge from the other lower sender, so I unscrewed the sender in the back
of the head... I should have seen oil spurting from the hole, but there
wasn't anything there...completely dry.

Since I had just seen oil moving through the head to the lifters a few
minutes earlier with the valve cover off, I know it shouldn't be a pressure
problem.   Does anyone know if that hole goes all the way through to a
galley?  Maybe mine is plugged or something...

Has anyone use this port to test oil pressure at the head on these engines?

Thanks in advance...

Elliott Bavely

86 4ktq
83 CGT
81 Coupe ITB
88 80 Fwd
83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet

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