How to clean wheels?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Dec 6 16:21:06 EST 2002

At 12:58 PM -0700 12/6/02, Zsolt wrote:
>I finally had the time to clean the wheels of my car. These are the
>stock alloy wheels on the 5k tq (not the Fuch).
>They turned out very well, but I can't get the sticky backing of the old
>wheel balancing weights off. Any BTDT? What works well for this?

Bug+tar remover should do the trick.  3M makes one, so does Stoner,
bunch of others.  I think Turtle Wax makes a slightly gel-like
bug+tar remover that I like because it's cheap and I can heap it on
and let it sit(other stuff runs and/or evaporates in no time flat.)
Let it sit for a while, then presto, the nasty stuff comes off.

I've also noticed that P21S does a pretty decent job of working
through it(I use the gel, sparingly, along with a lot of brushing, to
clean my wheels.)

Let me know what ultimately works best(and what doesn't.)  I'll add
it to my collection of detailing tips that will be added some time to
my homepage.

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