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 Hey everyone,     I have a problem with the front end of my car that my me=
chanic can't seem to find.  it's a metal on metal sound that I hear when ch=
anging directions at low speeds.  Now to give you some background, I recent=
ly worked out a deal for replacement of every suspension piece save for the=
 subframe bushings on my 87 4kq.  (I was told the subframe bushings were ok=
ay).  So here's what's been done to the car:all new ball joints (front and =
rear)all new tie rod ends and assemblies (front and rear)New front control =
armsNew control arm bushings (front and rear)New wheel bearingsNew H+R lowe=
ring springsNew Bilstein Struts (I think they are HD's) they have the light=
 blue dust boot on them.New URQ strut mounts.    These are the parts that w=
ere supposedly installed on the car in exchange for another car and some mo=
ney.Now to be fair, my swaybar bushings haven't been replaced and they are =
pretty worn.      So on with the story.  I'm now in the middle of changing =
to my winter wheels/tires and I notice that when the front of the car is ja=
cked up, you can grab a hold of the still bolted on wheel and move the whol=
e suspension up and down with zero resistance a total distance of 0.75 inch=
es on one side and 0.50 inches on the other.  there is also a gap that you =
can watch go from metal on metal to either .75 inches on one side or the .5=
 inches on the other.  Is this correct?  I kinda doubt it.   Before finding=
 this out, I took the car back to the mechanic that did the work and he sai=
d they everything was fine and maybe I needed to replace my swaybar bushing=
s=2E  What do you guys think?  Ben?  Huw?  Mike?  The strut mounts that wer=
e on the car prior to having the work done to it came from midas, (along wi=
th the struts) and had 15k on them. The new strut mounts were supposed to b=
e URQ mounts to help lower the car a little in the front but it still looks=
 kinda front high.    I hate talking bad about anybody but I really need to=
 get this cleared up. Any advice anybody could give me would be greatly app=
reciated.  Toby Potvin87 4kq75 tr6

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