Let's talk about quattro driving in the snow

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 6 14:44:21 EST 2002

Turning and braking is all about your tires IMHO.
Quattro is not really very helpful if you can't turn
your front wheels.  BTDT first winter with half worn
Cooper Cobras.  They came on the car.  I had an
unfortunate encounter with a telephone pole.  Going
OTOH.  You can fly with slicks on ice if you'd dare.

Jim Accordino

--- Sean Ford <audi_99_a6q at yahoo.com> wrote:
> This is my first winter with quattro. Just this
> morning, with fresh snow on the ground, the front
> slid straight and the car continued to move in a
> straight line. Obviously, this isn't the best
> situation when one is expecting to successfully
> complete a corner! Thankfully, I hit a dry patch,
> which corrected the slide.

> Once I lose the front with quattro, what is the best
> way to rotate the car? I recall some advice
> warning against lifting off the throttle because the
> engine braking on the rear wheels could cause
> an unwanted spin. Though, if I don't lift off the
> throttle, the front will simply continue to
> push. Interesting from a dynamic, after-the-event,
> point of view. Frightening from a
> happening-right-friggin'-now point of view.
> My only thought here is to always expect to lose the
> front and try to set the car up in such a way
> as to toss it sideways into the corner. Oh, I bet my
> wife would just love that scenario!

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