Battery maintainer

james accordino ssgacc at
Fri Dec 6 15:02:42 EST 2002

Actually, although I'm nearly positive the Army paid
TOO much, this thing is a 3" x 4" photovoltaic chip
with a wire to the battery.  That's it.  Just epoxied
to the fiberglass hood.  It's only a "barely" trickle
charger.  I could probably measure it's output
tomorrow if the sun comes out at all.

Jim Accordino

--- Richard Beels <dare2dream at> wrote:
> You're confusing "charging" with "maintaining.  You
> charge a dead battery,
> you maintain a (mostly/partially) charged one.
> Keeping a full battery on
> the charger will boil it dry in no time flat; that
> can lead to BOOMS! in
> your garage.  More current isn't necessarily better.
> At 12/04/2002 at 00:32, Shakespearean monkeys danced
> on Tigran Varosyan's
> keyboard and said:
> >
> >Yea I was going to add, on a small battery like a
> motorcycle or a tractor
> >I'm sure they work great. I am also sure that the
> stuff the Army is using is
> >nothing like what we buy at schucks, money is not
> an issue there. I measured
> >.7 amp @ 14.5v coming out of my $30 unit at full
> sunlight. I don't know, I
> >just expected a bit more like 1.5 amp or more...
> For $30 I would rather get
> >a plug-in maintainer that can charge the battery
> overnight...
> >
> >Just me.
> >
> >Tyson
> >
> >The $10 Harbor Freight unit has worked fine for
> years on my lawn tractor
> >battery (small 12v).
> >
> >At 12/03/2002 at 15:00, Shakespearean monkeys
> danced on Benjamin Kwan's
> >keyboard and said:
> > >
> > >Does anyone have any recommendations for a
> battery maintainer?  My sister
> > >is in Grad school and I rarely drive the car to
> charge the battery back
> > >up.  Since it's getting cold up here in the
> NorthEast, I would like to get
> > >a battery maintainer so that I can start it when
> it's time to drive it.

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