5kcstq brake lockup surprise

Joshua Van Tol josh at spiny.com
Fri Dec 6 18:01:37 EST 2002

> I have some struts, and springs, queued to be installed into the
> 5kcstq, that should help a
> lot.  I'm wondering if the ABS could be helped/fixed by getting some
> of those consumable
> plastic sensor spacers that are required to correctly position the
> sensors.  The toothed
> section on my CV joints do not appear to have anything visibly wrong
> with them, they
> actually look fine to me.  This is a California/Arizona car, if that
> helps to imagine that it was
> not subjected to the corrosion that an east coast car experiences.
The consumable plastic spacers work excellently, and are the only way
I've been able to reliably get those stinking sensors installed to the
right depth. In the past I've used a caliper to measure the installed
depth and then reinstalled them to the same depth, but after you do
that a few times, you lose enough accuracy to need the plastic caps.

As for your braking problem, are you sure all the brakes work? Things
to check would be calipers, brake hoses, rear proportioning valve
(they're often rusted up and stuck, maybe even on non rust belt cars)
rear calipers, etc.

> Anyhow, I thought I'd share my eye-opening/butt-puckering (thankfully
> not tire-flat-spotting,
> like before) experience with the list.  Other relevant information is
> that I'm running Fuch's
> with stock-sized Yokohama S306's (Tire Rack's special model), and
> G60's with whatever
> pads were on there when I got the car.  This was on a dry asphalt
> street, and I was perhaps
> going about 50mph at the time I hit the brakes, and I would say I slid
> for like 5 car lengths,
> or at least it seemed like it.
> Sort of a timely story, considering the snow-driving, ABS-or-not,
> threads lately.
> Later,
> Ken

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