coupe wiper complaints

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Check the angle the blade makes with the glass. The blade sometimes skips if
it is not perpendicular with the glass at rest. It will wipe in the
direction it is tilted, but skips in the reverse direction because the blade
can't "flop" over. Watch the blade through it's cycle to see if it is your
problem. You can fix it by twisting the wiper arm a bit to correctly align
the blade.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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I have owned the coupe for over a year, and drive it daily 50 miles
roundtrip.  It has been great.  It does have a few annoyances, one being
wiper blades that skip across the windshield.  In the past year I have tried
4 different brands of blades-they all do the same thing:  work great the
first day, then after that they skip across the windshield, making a noisy
and not so clear driving experience.

My golf did the same thing from brand new in 1996....

Thoughts or suggestions?  yes, the arms are bolted tightly to the shafts,
windshield is clean, and blades are brand new...

'82 Coupe

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