How to clean wheels?

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>  I have had remarkable success with A&W Tire Cleaner. When I first got my
>current 100 the brake dust was so caked on, I thought it was paint. No wheel
>cleaner would touch it. The A&W Tire Cleaner was recommended, so I tried it.
>Squirt it on, work it with a paper towel, hose it and it is gone. Since I am
>having such good luck I haven't tried any other "tire cleaners".

Question- what is the chemical base?

If it's acid(I forget the specific acid usually used), you're
destroying the finish.  Very common among the "no work, spray it on
hose it off" cleaners.

Such cleaners are appropriate for use perhaps ONCE on an intact
finish if the wheel has 'painted on' brake dust(otherwise it will eat
the metal in a heartbeat)...then wax the wheel, and clean regularly
with p21S or regular car wash soap...and keep rewaxing them!

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