new oil cooler sufficiant?

luke maytagasm at
Sat Dec 7 01:27:16 EST 2002

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picked up a tru-cool (long) oil cooler today because the price/performance seems pretty good... but im wondering is it good enough?
you can check them out here:
its a slightly different size than the one on that site, measuring 7.25"x11"x3/4"
i plan on getting hose ends for it monday... if i keep it.
the 3/8"NPT inlets are the only thing which really concerns me... and maybe the width too...
maybe i can add a couple fans to it to help it out.
i paid about $45us ($75canadian). if its sufficiant to 250hp maybe ill get a second one if i ever exceed that and run them in series (tons of room for a second cooler now i dont have a/c :))
should i keep this one?
i doubt it would work worse than the stock one, but what do i know?

thanks again for all the info everyone


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