88 5ksq Hydraulics Question

George Butler gwbutler at net1plus.com
Sat Dec 7 08:37:30 EST 2002

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Hello all,

I noticed that my son had lost power steering, as well as power brakes, in =
his 88 5ksq this week (power steering fluid is at the "max" level, belt ten=
sion is fine).  He mentioned that the car had been "that way" for weeks.  I=
 had replaced the original power-steering pump with one from a bone yard ov=
er a year ago and the unit has been running quietly and effectively until r=
ecently.  I have three questions;

1=2E Due to the fact that the power brakes are also not working, can I accu=
rately conclude that the problem is due to loss of  central hydraulic press=

2=2E Are 88 5ksq's prone to going through power steering pumps?

3=2E Besides having power brakes but no power steering, how could I tell if=
 a power steering loss would be rack-related?

Any observations, BTDT's, or comments? TIA


George B.

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