'86 4k Clutch and brakes

jesse erickson clerick44 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 7 08:43:50 EST 2002

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    On my '86 4kq, my clutch pedal doesn't return all the way up.  Some tim=
es it will, but only under acceleration, then it will come all the way up. =
 It's only the last inch or so, it seems to be hangin up that last bit.  If=
 i coax it up with my toe it gently *pops* back up.  I also have started to=
 notice that the brakes are getting mushy and soft.  I have this sunday sla=
ted for a complete flush and clean new fluid.  I figure that the fluid hasn=
't been more then topped off in it's 179,000 miles.  Could these two issues=
 be related.

    Correct me if i am wrong, but doesnt the clutch master cylinder get it'=
s fluid from the brake master cylinder via a crappy little hose?  On my car=
 it does at least.  Would it make sense to "clean out" the clutch master cy=
linder when i do the brakes?

    Lastly, some of the know-it-all's at the local Checker were saying that=
 i should use DOT 4, because that is what the car came with and is better t=
han DOT3.  ???  I thought i had DOT3 from der factory?  If so, does it make=
s sense to convert?

Thank you all again,
Jesse Erickson

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