Left Foot Braking and drive by wire

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Sat Dec 7 09:57:28 EST 2002

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Teaching it would require the definition of it Mark.  LFB is the simultaneous
application of the left foot on the brake while the right foot is on the gas.
 Performance quattro drivers and all racers use this technique in turns to
provide subtle chassis changes mid turn.  Drive by wire limits doesn't allow
the simultaneous application of brake and throttle to do this.


Scott J
In a message dated 12/5/02 10:53:30 PM Central Standard Time, AudiBiTurbo

It can be done... try this:
Gas, lift gas, apply brake, apply gas.  Yeah, I know... not natural, but I've
tried it once or twice.  I can *teach* left foot braking, but I suck at it.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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