more details on 4kq suspension issues

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Sat Dec 7 10:49:23 EST 2002

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 Howdy everyone,just to clarify, the metal on metal sound and the gap is be=
tween the metal circle that sits above the body colored metal of the front =
shock tower which you can see from opening the hood.  so this metal circle,=
 when the car is on the ground, sits above the shock tower about .5 to .75 =
inches (12-18mm).  when you jack up the car, the gap dissappears and you ca=
n move the suspesion vertically with no resistance that same 12-18mm and wa=
tch the metal circle move up and down above the shock tower. when the gap d=
isappears it because the metal circle is now resting directly on the shock =
tower. is there supposed to be some rubber in between?  or maybe the whole =
thing isn't supposed to move like that?  sounds like strut mounts right?  t=
hat's what I'm thinking but they are supposedly brand new.  any thoughts?To=
by Potvin874kq75tr6

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