86' Coupe Ebrake locked up

Shawn Head s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 7 12:14:22 EST 2002

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Hi all.  Last wed while driving to the audi dealer to have Jorge take a
look at where my O2 sensor is supposed to be, I noticed my car feeling
like it was towing something and their was a loud screeching whenever I
would come to a stop or start going.

Turns out that my ebrake is locked inside the left drum.  By the time we
got to the dealer there was smoke coming from the rim, it was hot to the
touch so obviously it had been locking up.

The question:  What exactly do I need to do to unlock it?

The cables are slacked when the ebrake is depressed, so It must be in
the drums.

One thing is for sure, good thing I don't have magnesium wheels or there
would have been a tremendous light show commming from my car.

Shawn Head
86' CGT

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