Aftermarket door handle/lock cylinder (4k)

Russ Maki rinard at
Sat Dec 7 16:02:30 EST 2002

Oh joy. I picked up an aftermarket door handle to replace the broken one on
the driver's door of my '87 4000 and discovered while trying to swap out
lock cylinders that the aftermarket unit has too small a bore in the handle
to take the factory lock.

I ended up dismantling both handles and replacing the broken latch pull in
the original handle with the part from the replacement assembly. Those
components, fortunately, seemed identical.

The thought of juggling separate keys for the driver's door and ignition did
not appeal to me -- but then, spending $80 (dealer quote) for a new handle
vs. about $30 for aftermarket wasn't too appealing either. Ya pays yer money
and ya takes yer choices...

Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

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