coupe wiper complaints

Huw Powell human747 at
Sat Dec 7 18:12:16 EST 2002

> I have owned the coupe for over a year, and drive it daily 50 miles
> roundtrip.  It has been great.  It does have a few annoyances, one being
> wiper blades that skip across the windshield.

> Thoughts or suggestions?  yes, the arms are bolted tightly to the shafts,
> windshield is clean, and blades are brand new...

I wonder if the springs in your wiper arms are still strong enough to do
their job?  I know, you said your Golf did it from whne it was new, but
it is still a thought.  Does it happen at both wiper speeds?

Messed up wipers are a really irritatingsafety problem...

Huw Powell

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