4kq: Rear tie rod removal?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sat Dec 7 18:16:33 EST 2002

> Seems straightforward enough, use a tie rod puller (or pickle fork) to
> free the tie rod end from the strut housing.  Then, remove a 19mm bolt
> connecting the other end ("eye") of the tie rod to the subframe.
> Well, it appears that the 19mm bolt is bending the part of the subframe as
> I am backing it out.  I'm having to use an 18" breaker bar with a 3'
> cheater pipe to get it to back out, and the bending bracket might explain
> that.

Are you holding the nut on the other end with a wrench, too?  It is a
lock nut, and maybe your bolt is trying to turn "out" of the bracket
etc, and pulling the nut along with it?

You did ask for dumb suggestions...

Now, if you do have that under control, maybe the bolt is managing to
try to "thread" itself into one or more of the three bits it goes
through (bracket/tie rod/bracket) and not one of the others, creating a
force between the two bits.  A hammer might help, a bigger hammer might
help more, at least to vent some frustration (!).  Also some penetrant
could be beneficial.

Huw Powell



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