Problem with Differential Lock

K.Efe Egilmez efe.egilmez at
Sun Dec 8 02:29:10 EST 2002


Why does always the extra ordinary problems come to the novice ? I used
to be a novice and happy owner of an QT 90 NG, since I bought it, I can
feel the breath of Mr.Trouble on my neck :) As I hear that snow is near

Problem 1: This time I am having a major problem with the Diff Lock as,
when I press / supress the button nothing happens. Even there is no
light on the dashboard nor the button itself. I have checked the fuses,
the relays which seem to be good. Anyone for any other ideas ?

Problem2: I am having some trouble with the ABS. Whenever I touch the
brake pedal, ABS starts to work. Even at speeds such as 20-30 Km/h,
causing to extend my braking distance (imagine in city traffic !)...Thus
after I go over few bumps it lights up the red light on the dashboard
and turns off the ABS completely.

Thanx in advance...

Efe Egilmez
Icq: 8525599
efe.egilmez at

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