86' Coupe Ebrake locked up

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sat Dec 7 21:37:23 EST 2002

> Hi all.  Last wed while driving to the audi dealer to have Jorge take a
> look at where my O2 sensor is supposed to be, I noticed my car feeling
> like it was towing something and their was a loud screeching whenever I
> would come to a stop or start going.
> Turns out that my ebrake is locked inside the left drum.  By the time we
> got to the dealer there was smoke coming from the rim, it was hot to the
> touch so obviously it had been locking up.

oops, I lost my reply in process, so here is the condensed version...

problem might be a sticky self adjusting pawl, which could be due to
worn shoes...

those drums brakes are cheap to service, since they are common to a
zillion VW's.

a new set of cylinders, shoes, and hardware for both sides should run
under $50-60

if you've been cooking a shoe or two, you will want new ones.

and here's a pretty pic of a rebuilt one:


good luck!

Huw Powell



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