more details on 4kq suspension issues

Huw Powell human747 at
Sat Dec 7 22:01:48 EST 2002

>  Howdy everyone,just to clarify, the metal on metal sound and the gap is between the metal circle that sits above the body colored metal of the front shock tower which you can see from opening the hood.  so this metal circle, when the car is on the ground, sits above the shock tower about .5 to .75 inches (12-18mm).  when you jack up the car, the gap dissappears and you can move the suspesion vertically with no resistance that same 12-18mm and watch the metal circle move up and down above the shock tower. when the gap disappears it because the metal circle is now resting directly on the shock tower.

great, thanks for answering that.

There is supposed to be some "play" there, when the car is on the ground
that metal cap actually moves around a bit at angles as you steer and

when you lift the car, the strut bearing can drop out of the strut tower
area, leaving things hanging by the metal washer-like thing.  This stops
all the suspension parts from falling out of the car when you crest a
hill and become airborne...

But it sounds a bit high - I'd expect more like 1/4" or so max.

It could be that the castle nut thing that holds the strut bearing tight
down onto the top spring perch is not tightened down properly, which
would lead to that washer thing being set too high on the strut threaded

to check this you'll need to remove the locknut on the top (this can be
done with the car on the ground), which may require an allen wrench to
be used to hold the strut tube from turning.  remove the locknut, remove
the washer thing, and you will see a small diameter metal thing in the
middle of the strut bearing.  it is turned via two notches in its top.
there is a special tool for this, or you can have it it gently with a
screwdriver and hammer.  I'd recommend using the tool, they are under
$20.  See if you can tighten it down, again holding the strut tube form
turning.  Then reassemble the washer thing and the locknut back on top,
tightening everything carefully.

See how this looks and let us know...

Huw Powell

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