Strange Sighting In Santa Cruz Today--Badge Engineering?

Ti Kan ti at
Sat Dec 7 22:18:11 EST 2002

JordanVw at writes:
> In a message dated 12/8/02 12:16:27 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> msvphoto at writes:
> > Was it possible this a non-turbo "Quattro Coupe"? (Or, do those have
> > flared fenders?? I have never seen one so I don't know for sure.) If so,
> > it would be one seriously rare car in the USA.
> yes it could be a non-turbo quattro coupe (looks like a regular CGT, no
> flared fenders), Per Lindgren has one - but theyre rare in the US.
> chris

Either that, or it's just badge-engineering.

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