Strange Sighting In Santa Cruz Today--Badge Engineering?

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Sun Dec 8 08:19:39 EST 2002


It could be one of them, though not a single car has been officially
imported into the US. The real name is Audi Coupe quattro (vs. Audi quattro
for the urq).

More details on this car on



At 21:02 7/12/2002 -0800, Motor Sport Visions Photography wrote:
>On Soquel Ave. around 12:45pm I saw what appeared at first to be a
>graphite black CGT going the other way. As it came closer I noticed a
>quattro badge on the grill ala 4kq (which I happened to be driving one
>of the opposite direction). I thought that was odd since I had never
>seen a quattro badge on the front of an Ur-Q and as I got closer I was
>sure it was a CGT, no flares. Then I see the back. It has "Coupe GT" on
>the left side of the rear lid just like a US CGT, but on the right was
>the "QUATTRO" decal just like an Ur-Q.
>Was it possible this a non-turbo "Quattro Coupe"? (Or, do those have
>flared fenders?? I have never seen one so I don't know for sure.) If so,
>it would be one seriously rare car in the USA.
>Anyone else here in the Santa cruz area seen this car? I wonder if this
>thing was for real, or just a case of really poor taste in badge
>engineering (kinda like putting a "M" badge on a 318i).
>Mike Veglia
>Motor Sport Visions Photography

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