Problem with Differential Lock

Sun Dec 8 09:53:48 EST 2002

Efe writes
>Problem 1: This time I am having a major problem with the Diff Lock as,when
I press >/ supress the button nothing happens. Even there is nolight on the
dashboard nor >the button itself. I have checked the fuses,the relays which
seem to be good. >Anyone for any other ideas ?

The triangle is independent in function with the diff itself, IOW if you push
the switch the triangle should come on with ignition on.  The graphic doesn't
light until the actual diff is engaged.  If neither is happening, you don't
have power to the switch and/or the controller.  Use a test light, and go
under the rear seat and ck the connector at the vaccuum box, the blue/red
should be the feed for power, I believe the black/blue is connector power,
all browns (solid or with stripe) are ground.  Next ck for power at the
switch connector, it's also the blue red.  The diff lock light itself is a
ground circuit, which means that the power going into the switch assembly is
on when the ignition is on and the diff is locked.  It's definitely a power
problem, not a ground problem.

>Problem2: I am having some trouble with the ABS. Whenever I touch thebrake >
pedal, ABS starts to work. Even at speeds such as 20-30 Km/h,causing to
extend >my braking distance (imagine in city traffic !)...Thusafter I go over
few bumps it lights >up the red light on the dashboardand turns off the ABS

Sounds like a sensor out of whack.  Usually it's the fronts.  Pull both
wheels off, ck the sensors, they should be close to identical in placement,
orientation and depth.  You can adjust them in or out.  Normally, when the
abs is kicking on as you describe, one of your sensors is too closee to the
driveshaft spline.



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