'87 4kq: brief shifting problem

edkellock at juno.com edkellock at juno.com
Sun Dec 8 10:51:28 EST 2002

On the topic of the clutch not disengaging all the way, my Coupe GT
occasionally exhibits some strange behavior in the area.

Sometimes when it has been parked overnight or longer, I cannot get the
shift lever out of first gear, even after pushing in the clutch.  When I
start the car then, it has a very gently slight nudge forward.

The other day I was putting on the snows and had one front wheel off the
ground while the engine was idling.  When I got the wheel off, the hub
started to spin slowly.

Recently, after being parked at the airport in very cold weather for a
week, the clutch was only partially effective, which required me to
engage reverse to stop the gears spinning in the trans which allowed me
to get it into first.  This partial clutch disengagement continue for a
few miles which made matching revs and double-clutching necessary for
while.  By the time I got home, it was fine and since has not gotten that
bad again.  It never had before either.

The only on these behaviors that I have noticed on a long-term basis is
the first example.

In regard to the most recent behavior, I figure I need to maintain the
hydraulics.  I figure I should bleed the system, but that I might end up
needed to replace clutch slave and/or master.  It also seems possible
that the original behavior could be related (and maybe shouldn't have
been ignored for so long? ;-)

Colorado Springs
87.5 Coupe GT

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 10:41:56 -0600 Joshua Van Tol <josh at spiny.com> writes:
> It could be that the clutch was not disengaging all the way. That
> can
> cause hard shifting, and, if the syncros aren't good, grinding.
> It'll
> also make it impossible to get the car into reverse while it's
> running.
> Next time it happens, try shutting the car off, and see if it goes
> away. If so, your clutch isn't disengaging all the way.
> On Saturday, December 7, 2002, at 06:45  PM, Andrew Buc wrote:
> > Yesterday my 4kq became hard to shift. I never felt that it
> wouldn't
> > shift at
> > all (at least in the forward gears), but I was having to manhandle
> the
> > gearshift; normally a light touch does it. And then I couldn't get
> it
> > into
> > reverse at all. Fortunately, I was able to get out of the parking
> > space I was in
> > w/o using reverse.
> >
> > I drove home and then to a friend's house (3 or 4 miles total),
> being
> > careful
> > to choose parking spaces I wouldn't have to back out of. The
> gearshift
> > continued
> > to be quite stiff. When it came time to leave my friend's place,
> > everything was
> > back to normal and still is, 20 miles later. The car shifts easily
> and
> > goes into
> > reverse w/no problem, but I hestitate to assume that it'll stay
> that
> > way. What
> > might be going on here? What should I check for starters? Thanks!

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