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Pete, I spent about 3-4 years out of college persuing similar work.  First
off, I'll say that its not an easy career, and once you're in one, it can be
very demanding and often unrewarding.

I guess I'd challenge you to ask yourself why you'd like to get into such a
line of work (I'm not saying you should or shouldn't), but realize that much
of the glamor you may see and feel about it now just isn't there, or will
wear off after the initial excitement.  The best thing you can do is try to
find someone in a similar line of work, and ask them honestly how they really
like it.

Ironically, I do more tuning and racing for myself now that I work out in the
corportate world than I did the 4 years I was working in the
racing/performance aftermarket tuning.  You don't need to work for a race
team if you love to race, and you don't have to work for a tuning company if
you love to tune.

Also, making it in the racing industry is dependent on a lot of time, not
just your 8-5 kind of work, but late nights and long weekends, and being
single is a benefit.  I've had some opportunities to work for professional
race teams and positions with tuning companies that I've had to turn down,
mainly because I'm married, and realistically I knew I didn't have the time
to commit to that kind of position, not that my wife would have gone for it
anyway  ;)

Bottom line, my advice isn't follow the money, follow your passions, the most
successful people are those that do what they love, the leaders in any
industry are the most passionate.  If you really feel that your passion is
racing and tuning, and you're willing to sacrifice a lot of your life to that
cause, then go for it.  Being young and single is a big advantage, you'll
have to earn your way into a position (sometimes offering to sweep the shop
for free), but if you love it, then it will be all worth it.

HTH, lemme know if you'd like to chat more.


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> I guess Messenger is acting up again.  The new system is not working well on
> my machine.
>   Well, I'll update you on my situation first, that may explain my question
> better.  I've been laid off from my last three jobs in Manufacturing
> because of slow downs in the economy.  Metal Fab just isn't doing well, no
> matter what anyone says.  My situation has deteriorated to the point that I
> could no longer maintain my 4000 Quattro and ended up giving it away to a
> fellow Quattro lister who I know has the skill, knowledge, talent and most
> importantly the resources to put it back on the road.  I have been spending
> time with a career counselor and it's obvious that I'm nuts about cars and
> racing and it's likely that it's one of the only things I'll be happy at.
> He's trying to help me find my direction and I thought that maybe someone I
> know would know more about whether or not there's a life for me in racing,
> or cars, or otherwise.  I'm not looking for what's going to get me rich or
> for someone to hand me a job, I'm just asking for help finding direction
> with a future I can finally settle into.  I need something I can live with
> and will pay the bills.
>   This message is being copied off to a couple of people I know who may
> have insight into Motorsports in general, both on and off the Audi Quattro
> list in Rally and GT.
>   My question to you is this:  Is there a living in working motorsports?
>     For the general group, is there anything that a man can do to make a
> living in motorsports?
>     For Mike Veglia, would it be possible to live off of photographing
> races for a living.  Mosport being my home track, and Mid Ohio and Three
> Rivers within a days drive, the ALMS is not out of reach.  Do you have any
> information on working like that?
>     For Roger King, does the Rally Club provide for anyone who has
> dedicated themselves to it, or does everyone volunteer or pay out of pocket
> for their participation?
>     For Dave Hord, and Frank De Kat, I know driving doesn't pay the bills,
> and Vibrant isn't looking for someone with my skills, but you are in the
> middle of the Rally scene.  Maybe you know something that could apply to my
> situation.
>   I appreciate any help in finding my way in this cold (and getting colder)
> cruel world.   ; )
> Pete

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