Post turbo MAF????

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Dec 8 17:47:02 EST 2002

At 10:32 PM +0100 12/8/02, Mihnea Cotet wrote:

>While browsing the excellent website, I've noticed this
>installation on an RS2:
>I know this system would make a blow-off valve installation and performance
>a lot better, due to the fact that the air that escapes won't be measured
>by the MAF anymore, but how efficient can such a setup be? Is it good for
>the MAF to have pressurized air passing through? I'd really like to use
>such a setup on the next stage of the 3B tuning process but is it really
>worth it?

I doubt it.

Among other problems, you'll have to deal with smoothing out airflow
to get anything sensible out of the MAF, and that's normally done
with airbox design and the two screens pre and post MAF sensor.  The
long straight pipe might solve that problem.

Crankcase vapor and any oil from the turbo seals are going to gum
that sensor up in no time...and the sensor probably isn't rated for
the very hot air that'll be going by it(at least it's post-IC.)

I love how zero upgrades to the cooling system have been performed
but the engine's been modded to hell and back.  That's not even the
right coolant :-)

It would appear the only reason the modification was done was because
it HAD to be done to fit the enormous turbo.

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