Radio Wiring

Cade Carvell ccarvell at
Sun Dec 8 17:45:51 EST 2002

  I finally purchased a new radio, since mine was stolen.  Anyway, I was
looking through the Bentley, 97.294 (for my 87 4kq).  And either I can't
read it, or I have other things that were ripped out of the car.  I see
4 larger green wires (in my car), that don't appear on this guide at
all.  Plus, looking at the diagram, I have no idea which is powered
source, and which are for memory.  After I get that straightened out,
determining speakers shouldn't be to hard.  I did notice that they use
all black for front speakers, how do I determine polarity, if all four
wires are black?

Thanks for any help,

Cade Carvell
National Business Systems, Inc.
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Eagan, MN 55121
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