Post turbo MAF????

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Sun Dec 8 16:04:32 EST 2002

The twin turbo Ford rustang guys do it all the time. It's important to have
sections of straight pipe before (and maybe after) the sensor. I personally
don't see the point, why not just put it before the turbo? I also doubt the
performance of the blow off, or bypass valve matters much, other than the
sound output....
'88 QSW Turbo/EFI soon with distributorless ignition

> Hi all,
> While browsing the excellent website, I've noticed this
> installation on an RS2:
> I know this system would make a blow-off valve installation and performance
> a lot better, due to the fact that the air that escapes won't be measured
> by the MAF anymore, but how efficient can such a setup be? Is it good for
> the MAF to have pressurized air passing through? I'd really like to use
> such a setup on the next stage of the 3B tuning process but is it really
> worth it?
> Anyway, thanks for your answers in advance,
> Mihnea

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