4kq starting issues

tob4000 at excite.com tob4000 at excite.com
Sun Dec 8 20:52:32 EST 2002

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 Well I'd like to thank everybody that gave me some helpful advice on the c=
old starting issues I had been having with my 87 4kq.  It all came down to =
fixing the previous owner's mistakes.  It turned out to be a cracked and sh=
attered bosch connector that was fastened onto the thermo switch via decayi=
ng electrical tape.  I spliced in a new connector and voila!    No more col=
d starting problems.  This is of course AFTER I purchased a new thermo swit=
ch for the car but you can always use spares! ;)  Judging from the response=
 I received about my suspension issues though, I'm thinking maybe I should =
try replacing my swar bar veritical link bushings before I jump to conclusi=
ons.  I'll keep everyone updated.  Thanks Huw, Peter, and everyone else who=
 wrote me to try and help, I think this list is the best thing ever invente=
d and I'm psyched to be a part of it.  Toby Potvin87 4kq75 tr684 gmc vandur=
a 2500 (future movin' out west van) now, If I can only find a cheap trailer=
 hitch for it...

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