skipping wiper blades 82 Coupe

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Mon Dec 9 01:17:51 EST 2002

Paul:  Do they skip at highway speeds or just sitting still?

If skipping at highway speeds: (passenger side)
I bought another drivers wiper arm with the speed deflector on the blade.
I think the newer 85 body style had them not the 80-84 body style.
That cured the skip at highway speed.

I also found that the OEM blades worked best.
Hard rubber blades seem to skip when cold.
The actual wiper balde structure of many leaf spring looking things can be
upsidedown if the assembly is completely taken off to swap a blade.
Therefore, the pressure exerted onto the curved wiper blade doesn't go flush
with the glass.
HTH -Scott in BOSTON

I have owned the coupe for over a year, and drive it daily 50 miles
roundtrip.  It has been great.  It does have a few annoyances, one being
wiper blades that skip across the windshield.  In the past year I have tried
4 different brands of blades-they all do the same thing:  work great the
first day, then after that they skip across the windshield, making a noisy
and not so clear driving experience.

My golf did the same thing from brand new in 1996....

Thoughts or suggestions?  yes, the arms are bolted tightly to the shafts,
windshield is clean, and blades are brand new...

'82 Coupe

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