Audi 100 1993-1995 blown fuse

Treurnich, Leon ltreurnich at
Mon Dec 9 09:16:11 EST 2002


The same fuse, Nbr 8, 15 amps, blows every few months. It controls the interior lights, cigarette lighters, the dash computer display, and apparently
the alarm.
Since I bought the car the fuse would blow periodically when no-one is near the car (Oh yes, it also controls the clock, which always stops at some
hour when the car was just sleeping).
Usually it will then blow replacement fuses immediately for a day or so, and then all seems fine again for a few months. I've been up to 40Amp fuses,
which still blows, so it's not just something pulling a little too much current.

I don't understand why it never happens while driving, and why everything is back to normal after a day or so. What devices in the car could for no
reason suddenly decide to switch on and short several hours/days after it was last driven? Because the problem is intermittent I won't even try to
take it to an auto electrician, chances of finding it must be very slim.

For now I have a stash of 15 amp fuses in the glove box, which I need every 3 months or so.

Any advice?



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