5ktq wiring issues...

Christian O'Leary chrisoleary37 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 01:13:46 EST 2002

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Hello all.  Ever since I bought my car, I've had the brake and coolant warn=
ing lights flashing non stop.  I've isolated and/or replaced every sensor i=
n both systems, and I've still got the indicators.  I've also swapped out t=
he auto-check unit on the back of the cluster with a known good one, and no=
 change.  I've pretty much decided I've got a short somewhere, but I'm havi=
ng troubles locating where it is.  I've searched and tested about all of th=
e harness I can access... with no luck.  I know for a fact these systems ar=
e operating correctly, is there a way I can take them out of the auto-check=
 sequence?  Can a snip the sensors from the auto-check unit, or do they nee=
d to see power to get the "ok?"  Thanks guys... these lights are driving me=
 nuts.  =3D]

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