>Subject: Radiators Needed

Christopher Ritchie critchie1 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 13:46:30 EST 2002

>I need a set of Radiators( Main and Aux) for my 1988 90Q.
>  Does any 1 know of a good source. Im looking for "the best bang for the
>buck". My car is not really "Hot-Rodded" at all, so big core aluminium
>radiators arent nessasary. Blau is kinda expensive,2 Benent is 2. Please
>Help! Is getting them re-cored a  viable option? Or is it cheaper just to
>buy new? Id rather go new but if re-coring is much cheaper id rather go
>route. I live in the Boston area, so if any 1 knows of any place locally
>that would be even better!

I bought one from radiator.com.  Under $200 delivered overnight.  You can
pick it up in Norwood, Mass, and save the $14 shipping.  I don't remember if
it was a brand name.  Who cares.  It held pressure; has a lifetime warranty;
and, replacing the radiator is not that difficult.

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