5-bolt on 4kq (Lines Peter)

Greville H. Bowles zaphod at cansafe.com
Mon Dec 9 10:29:04 EST 2002

Here is a link to a site in the UK that posts wheel fitment info. I was
surprised to find what I did re: 4x108 wheels.


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Christian O'Leary wrote:

>Also, I've heard that the Ford Focus runs 4X108, which may mean an influx
of new wheels in that size.  I'd even look into buying a set of takeoffs, I
think that some of the focus' comes with a decent looking 16" rim.  Good
A lot of Fords of Europe uses the same 4x108 circle as the Audis. Focus
and Contour are two examples of Euro-Fords in USA. I believe some other
US-Fords uses the same circle, the Escort and Tempo are two of them.

>...and on another note, I'm sure when this gets posted it will have an = on
the end of each line.  What am I doing wrong?  =]
I dont see any =.

87 Cq

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