Interesting Audi mag / UrQ valence

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Mon Dec 9 10:35:39 EST 2002

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"EBavely" said....

> It's a bit steep at around $10 (imported), but would make a nice little
stocking stuffer idea... (no affiliations or connections with the mag or its
publishers, of course).  It struck me as kind of strange (but cool) that
such a large chain would offer a magazine with such a seemingly obscure
subject matter to the general, they had about 6 copies of it.

You can get a subscription to Audi Driver magazine here in the U.S. from the
following source. The subscription costs $64 per year the last time I

EWA Models, Books and Magazines, 205 US Hwy 22, Green Brook, NJ 08812, USA
Voice Phone +1 732 424 7811    Fax +1 732 424 7814
Email - ewa at    Website

As to your valence and bumper questions I have no clue.

George Tur
91 V8

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