'87 4kq: brief shifting problem

Dave Hord spokes at the-wire.com
Mon Dec 9 11:20:29 EST 2002


How do you fix #2. Clutch pedal out of adjustment ??

It's the only thing I haven't tried with my car.  My 89 90 quattro clutch
doesn't fully disengage, ESPECIALLY when it's cold.  Once it's hot it seems to
do okay...


89 90q  300km+ Rally Conversion...
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Quoting Lines Peter <Peterl at Warn.com>:

> I have to agree with Josh on this.  He wrote:
> >Next time it happens, try shutting the car off, and see if it goes
> >away. If so, your clutch isn't disengaging all the way.
> Run this test above and see.  Some things that would cause the clutch to
> disengage (in no particular order):
> 1. Floor mat under the pedal
> 2. Clutch pedal out of adjustment (although this wouldn't be intermittent)
> 3. Low fluid in the brake fluid resevoir (should trigger a dashboard light)
> 4. Clogged hose from the brake fluid resevoir to the clutch master cylinder
> 5. Bad seal in the clutch master cylinder (check inside the firewall for
> fluid, pull the boot off and feel with a finger for wetness)
> 6. Bad seal in the clutch slave cylinder
> 7. Broken diaphragm spring on the pressure plate
> 8. Warped pressure plate
> 9. Warped clutch disc
> 10. Warped flywheel
> 11. Seized pilot bearing (in the end of the crankshaft)
> Let's hope it's not 7-11.  Those are a bit harder to fix...
> Peter Lines

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