brake gas throttle cutout thing 88 5000 T Q

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Mon Dec 9 11:23:41 EST 2002


My car is an '88 5kcstq, so yes, standard shift quattro.

However, the ecu came from Nate Stuart via Ebay, and it is a TAP-modified unit, so it may have come from an automatic.  It would certainly make sense if it is an auto ecu.

Is there a jumper wire on the ecu that I can check to see if it is cut or not?

I've heard of the CA car (vs. 49-state) jumper, but wasn't aware of the automatic jumper.  Or maybe I was confusing that for something I made up in my head!

Can I tell by the ecu model number or the like?

It is a very OEM-like "wall" it hits when this happens.  Like the 1.5+ bar cutoff, or the rev-limiter.

My car is also modified with a TAP WG spring and pressure regulator mod.  I plan to put the stock spring in the WG and crank up the regulator to bring it back up to the current max boost levels, which is about 14/15psi.  I have an APC queued for installation as well.  It's a big queue tho'.



Suffolk GameServer LAN at wrote:
> Someone with the answer please clue us both in:
> I think:  That what you describe is a symptom of an automatic transmission
> safety related feature.
> But I think your car is not an automatic.  Is it original and not modified?
> Somebody know the answer?
> -Scott in BOSTON
> Subject: '88 5kcstq throttle/brake cutout thing
> When I apply the brake and throttle at the same time on my '88 5kcstq, the
> engine cuts out
> as if there is some safeguard there, perhaps a response to the unintended
> acceleration
> thing.
> Is that a "feature" of my car, or is something wrong with it?
> Thanks,
> Ken

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