Interesting Audi mag / UrQ valence

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Mon Dec 9 18:47:23 EST 2002

    Audi Driver is a good magazine from here in the UK. Sounds like the copy
you got hold of is the quattro special from October. - It should have a big
yellow strip on the fron saying 'Limited Edition quattro special Issue' or
suchlike. It was more expensive than the normal issue. If this is what you
have then the car on the front is (bodywise at least) a standard Ur-q20V.
The 'special' stuff  is that  US type 85's had those ungainly great bumpers
that have to get fitted in the US (due to US safety regulations?).

     I'd doubt it could be succesfully fitted on a US spec car 4kq, or CGT,
as they wouldn't have the boxed out wings (fenders?). Maybe they could be
made to fit a Us spec Ur-q and I'm sure it would improve its looks.

    If you look around the registry you may find other shots of cars in
european trim.  Personally I prefer the intended 'euro' look of all type
85's and 44's, compared to the US market treatment. No flames on a personal
opinion please ;)


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> Hello all...
> I was in Barnes and Noble this past weekend lurking among the car mags and
> lo and behold I found a very interesting English magazine I'd never
>  before.  It's called Audi Driver and had a white 20v UrQ on the cover.
> e magazine features many articles mainly featuring the UrQ and Sport Q.
> yone seen it?
> There are articles about a Dialynx track car, a comparison between a Sport
> Q and a modern Mitsu Evo and a ton of good pictures.  I snapped it up and
> ave enjoyed reading it so far...
> It's a bit steep at around $10 (imported), but would make a nice little
> cking stuffer idea... (no affiliations or connections with the mag or its
> ublishers, of course).  It struck me as kind of strange (but cool) that
> h a large chain would offer a magazine with such a seemingly obscure
> t matter to the general, they had about 6 copies of it.
> Anyway, on some of the UrQ's in the magazine (the later cars and 20v's) it
> looks like there's a different front bumper / valence than the US 4kq's
>  CGT's had.  Seems to have more of a boxy shape with molded vents going
>  width of the front and incorporates a kind of little lower spoiler...
> Does anyone know if the last UrQ's in the US had these as well or is that
>  special European-spec item?  I'm assuming they'd fit a 4kq since they're
> ll type 85's...  Any sources stateside?
> Thanks for the info... Hope some of you can run out and find the
> Elliott Bavely
> 86 4ktq
> 81 Coupe ITB, 83 CGT
> 88 80 Fwd
> 83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
> 90 VW Cabriolet

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