'89 200q power problems

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Mon Dec 9 14:23:41 EST 2002

I was presuming that the obvious was ruled out..then I woke up.

I certainly agree.  If you just got the car, then you probably have many
issues of "neglect" and maintenace to catch up with.  I figure I've just
about replaced all vacuum lines and other hoses (Michelin Man x 2) on mine
in 4 years of ownership.


On Monday, December 09, 2002 11:45 AM, Bernard Littau
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> Hi John,
> I would start with the easy stuff.  These turbo cars have a tendency to
> leaks in the air tract.  Start by pulling off the Intercooler to Throttle
> Body hose, also known as the Michelin Man hose around here.  Flex it and
> inspect the bottom for slits.  An opening here will make your car run
> which will make it sputter and produce black smoke.  At higher air flow
> levels, the slit becomes less of a factor as only so much air can be lost
> through the opening.
> A very good site for the turbo cars is Scott Mockry's:
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/
> The IC to TB hose is mentioned here:
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/boost.html#hoset
> Browse around Scott's site, and work through the checks and tests, and
> should be able to get it running well.
> Best,
> Bernard Littau
> Woodinville, WA
> '88 5ktq
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> > Could it be the timing belt is off a tooth or more?  I'd speculate that
> > it were too advanced then you are suffering from low RPM
> > performance.  When
> > you reach higher RPMs coupled with the boost, you have all power in
> > RPM range where the torque/HP is skewed.
> >
> > I don't know if that explains the sputtering and smoke though.
> > That may be
> > Oxy. sensor.  Also the mutli-funtion thermo senders don't seem to last
> > long - that would cause problems like this too.
> >
> > [Hi, new to the list again after quite some years, had a few Quantum
> > syncros and 4000q's years ago and used to follow.  Anyway a few quick
> > questions I'd love suggestions on.  Picked up an '89 for an appealing
> > and it is a fair car generally but it has a bit of a problem.
> >
> > Engine is replaced recently (timing belt snapped on PO) with an earlier
> > 5ktq mill with about 95k on it (per reputable place) though compression
> > falls out at 125, 120, 120, 120, 98 (though car has not been
> > driven so that
> > may improve if #5 was sitting open.  Problem is that in any gear from
> > approx 0.4-0.8 bar boost (per the dash gage) at whatever revs
> > to give said boost it sort of sputter/gags/misses miserably.  Not
> > that it is anywhere near not driveable, but fairly cruddy.  The second
> > hit 0.8 bar it instantly pulls smoothly and very powerfully through
> > 1.3 bar until you let off the throttle/boost whereby it miserably
> >  It feels more a fuel delivery miss in the seat of the pants, not
> > ignition.
> >  Once again per the digital gage at whatever pitiful sampling rate it
> > there are no sudden jumps in boost or anything.  While it is so
> > apparently it dumps rich smoke out the back per follower.  Two other
> > perhaps incidental, perhaps not, the cold start is very rough and it
has a
> > hard time running until it gets about 90 seconds under its belt. The
> > sat with little gas in the tank all summer and into the recently cold
> > winter run no more than once a month.  The check  engine light is on
and I
> > will read the blink codes in the AM.
> >
> > Anyway, I have years of engineering and engine building VW/Audi
> > experience, but I know nothing at all about turbo charged vehicles
> > than aircraft and Corvairs.  Any suggestions appreciated, I'm
> > pretty crafty
> > and will probably have most anything needed for diagnosis (excepting
> > factory tools 8-)  This obtuse Bentley set for this car is not helping
> > any.  I do have a Snap-On CIS manifold gage test set.
> >
> > Any help appreciated, please email me direct so as not to waste
> > thanks.
> >
> > John
> > janders1 at mix.wvu.edu]
> >
> >

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