Strange Sighting In Santa Cruz Today--Badge Engineering?

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Mon Dec 9 20:34:08 EST 2002

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>>Was it possible this a non-turbo "Quattro Coupe"? (Or, do those have
>>flared fenders?? I have never seen one so I don't know for sure.) If so,
>>it would be one seriously rare car in the USA.
>yes it could be a non-turbo quattro coupe (looks like a regular CGT, no
>flared fenders), Per Lindgren has one - but theyre rare in the US.
I sure do, but the Cq never had the GT badges! They came in three trim
levels, GL, GT and quattro. Other than that, they're identical to a
regular GT. The only thing that is easily visible to distinguish the 2wd
vs. quattro is the rear muffler, which can barely be seen under the rear

Here's a test post @ forums.vwvortex with a picture of my car: Btw, this car is
completely stock, except for the huge quattro scripts on the sides,
which I believe was some dealer option.

87 Cq

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