Strange Sighting In Santa Cruz Today--Badge Engineering?

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Dec 9 14:12:32 EST 2002

I love my Audis, BUT, I THINK I could find a place in
my heart for the new? Ferrari 550 Marinello?.  Some
commentator made the remark that this might be THE
fastest car in sports car racing.  Seems to me Lemans
was in the bag if not for "troubles".  I'm fairly sure
(based on the F1 performances) that they'll get any
reliability issues sorted out.  And then I guess it's
goodby Corvette, nice to have known ya.  The Ferrari
was much faster, on the straights and in the turns.

Jim Accordino
ps-wonder how much a roadgoing version costs?

--- Huw Powell <human747 at> wrote:
> Hmm, the picture wouldn't load for me, but I got a
> kick out of this:
> "...anything non-Audi is just complete crap.
> Porsche, BMW, Ferrari,
> Lambo, Nissan, etc.
> can't compete with the almighty Audi. It doesn't
> even matter if it is a
> car or not.
> Airplanes, oil tankers, escalators, elevators, pens,
> soda, etc. If it
> isn't blessed by Audi, its garbage."

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