'89 200q power problems

John David Anderson janders1 at mix.wvu.edu
Mon Dec 9 18:43:50 EST 2002

Ben Swann wrote:

>I was presuming that the obvious was ruled out..then I woke up.
>I certainly agree.  If you just got the car, then you probably have
>issues of "neglect" and maintenace to catch up with.  I figure I've
>about replaced all vacuum lines and other hoses (Michelin Man x 2) on
>in 4 years of ownership.

Thanks to everyone on this.  I had already pulled the intercooler hoses
(intake side as well actually) and the "Michelin Man" hose is actually
pretty recent, probably at time of engine install.  Sure CIS air leaks
occured right off the bat to me and all of the thing is pretty ratty,
but more on the pre boost side, the U shaped hose off the air meter
particularly bad.  I have already ordered it, some of the other custom
shaped T hoses, new radiator hoses, and some other bits here an there.
Some more information for anyone with more thoughts.  I meant yesterday
that the "check engine" light was on continuously, which ends up being
because the fuse was left in the fuel pump relay, which was done I
presume becuase it runs better with it in, with it out it does the same
as before only worse, I don't even want to understand that, but I took
it out anyway and drove it a few times.  After, first the code for
intake air temp sensor (in the intercooler) came up, I rectified a
bodge job of wiring there, no improvement to running or performance,
but the code doesn't come anymore.  After a few more runs the only
thing that showed was one time I got a Hall sensor code, but only once
and after it had been stumbling around at idle badly so I sort of am
ignoring that.  Ran the output checks with the thing as well and all
the requisite parts ran or buzzed or did whatever they were supposed
to.  I have left the fuse out of the relay, though it does run
considerably worse with it out???  I am now delving through the
excellent SJM site, I just hoped someone would say right off "well sure
that is just your blah blah blah valve malfunctioning."  Currently
along those lines I'm sort of suspicious of the decel fuel shutoff
system myself though it seems that should cause problems the other way,
who knows.

janders1 at mix.wvu.edu

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